Fire Damper Repairs

Fire & Smoke Damper Repairs

After a fire or smoke damper inspection, it’s not uncommon to find that some of your fire or smoke dampers are not operating properly due to actuator failure, broken fusible links, or corrosion. Due to the complex construct and wide variety of fire dampers, smoke dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers used in construction, ensuring optimal performance of your fire or smoke dampers can be difficult. Using a contractor with experience ensures that your fire or smoke damper repairs are completed correctly the first time.


PREVENT is a licensed contractor and is able to make the necessary repairs to the fire and smoke dampers in your facility after your fire or smoke damper inspection. To save you time, we also are able to perform fire or smoke damper repairs at the same time we inspect your fire or smoke dampers. After repairing your fire or smoke dampers, secondary testing is performed to verify the optimal performance of the fire or smoke damper, leaving you with no doubts.

Code Requirements

It’s important to get your fire or smoke dampers repaired as soon as possible after they are discovered to be inoperable. NFPA 80 and NFPA 105 require that fire and smoke dampers are to be repaired “without delay.”  Inoperable fire or smoke dampers not only put the lives of building occupants and emergency responders at risk in the event of a fire, but can negatively affect air flow and air balance for the HVAC system of your facility.

Fire and Smoke Damper Repairs Include but are not limited to:

  • Replacement of Fire Damper Fusible Links
  • Replacement of failed actuators that are no longer functioning, even on smoke dampers in difficult locations.
  • The repair or replacement of fire or smoke dampers that are not properly closing or opening, due to rust or alignment issues.
  • PREVENT’s field technicians are well versed in UL standards and procedures for fire and smoke dampers and will ensure that your fire and smoke dampers are installed and/or repaired in accordance with manufacturing specifications to ensure peak functionality.

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